Robert & Douglas

Robert was born and raised in British Columbia and has grown to become well known in local and international design circles. As an accomplished artist as well as designer with 24 years experience in the industry and a lifetime of passion, Robert brings a special design aesthetic to every interior.

   Primarily focusing on high end residential interiors, Robert’s look is never duplicated but without exception always described as “luxurious”. Every home’s interior is client directed to suit their particular needs and lifestyle. The most essential goal is understanding the customer.  Once Robert has experienced the client’s taste and style, he sets out to create an interior as individual as the homeowners themselves.

  It is the ongoing relationship between Robert and his clients that results in an interior that evolves to a home that expresses the homeowner’s personal style, whilst showcasing the best of ingredients chosen from around the world to result in the feeling that one could never imagine the interior being any other way once complete. Truly “Luxury Living” at it’s finest!

   In addition to designing luxurious interiors Roberts own “Signature Collection” is an extraordinary collection of fashion forward pieces of furniture, lighting, never seen before accessories, as well as hand-knotted silk and wool area rugs produced to his exact specifications from around the globe.  His “Signature Collection” has often been referred to as jewelry for the home.

   As co-founder of Lloyd Bruce Home Collections, Douglas brings 37 years of furniture and design experience to the team. Douglas has worked on a lifetime of projects. His inexhaustible passion for the industry is obvious with every task. Having completed and collaborated on many many high end projects over the years his sense of style and good taste are well honed.

The Team


Robert Bruce McKay

Douglas Lloyd Somerville

General Manager