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Lloyd Bruce Home Collections is pleased to unveil the newest addition to our luxury designer collection; Visionnaire Home Philosophy. Luxury interior design is not simply about furnishings but rather the direct expression of how the consumer wishes to have their lifestyle designed. With tailor-made designs, hand crafted according to consumers’ specific needs, Visionnaire Home Philosophy is the perfect pairing for luxury designers. Offering a complete and total concept solution - customized to every last detail - this proudly Italian made brand has quickly transcended to the forefront of the International luxury design scene. Visionnaire is a world-class Italian furniture monobrand that was created in 2005 by a holdings company called, IPE - Imbottiture Prodoti Espansi (In English: expanded padded products). The intention was to offer an interior design concept that further emphasized fashion and lifestyle. Founded by the Cavalli brothers, Vittorio and Pompeo in 1959, IPE became notorious for the use of...

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